The last few months before and after announcement of the expedition we have been working on the first preparation phase: looking for sponsors.

Now it is time to move on onto the second part.  However it does not mean that we have all the kit sorted but we are getting there.

Since one of the reasons, why we decided to undertake this challenge is to raise money, we are now focusing more on the fundraising part. We know that we won’t be able to achieve our target staying invisible; so we are in the process of communicating with various media. It is a very exciting part of our preparation phase. So far we had one phone interview and one face to face interview. The journalists wanted to take our photos, but having faith in Michal’s skills and knowing how useless we are in front of a camera, we have produced several photos ourselves.

At this moment it looks like the first article should be out tomorrow in The Wharf, following with Docklands and City in February and East End Life in March.

You can read more about our causes and fundraising in the section CAUSES and if you would like to help, don’t hesitate to click on DONATE button in the menu.

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