More kit has arrived

Things are getting serious. For long it only seemed as a dream. We have spent five months planning, writing emails, wondering and hoping. Now, it’s all coming together. On Friday, just when we were leaving to go to Penrith, a parcel arrived.

It was from OverBoard. This company that makes cool dry bags agreed to support us. We realised that in order to be able to pursue our aim of running an interactive “online” trip around Britain we will have to take with us kit that is not water friendly. And OverBoard had the solution we needed. Have a look.


It is a long story involving lots of driving up and down the country. Natalie is going to write it all latter.

The main thing is, we just arrived back home with two shinny boats thanks to Aled, Dave and Alice, all from Tiderace. Now, we only have to choose their names.



Today, just before we had supper we reached another milestone.

From the first day we have started to plan our trip there was one big worry. We knew that we cannot afford to pay the rent while not working and sleeping rough along British coast but we also love our flat. So we always wanted to have it back.

Rob from Olympic Committee signed contract and made us homeless from 1st April for five months.

And so tent it is with all possessions in the boats.