ready for the party?


Now we have only three days left so everyone is asking if we are ready.

I have to say, it would be great to have one more week but all major things are under control. Thanks to Natalie’s hard work our flat is nearly empty and clean as a baby.  Our boats have new Kevlar keelstrips fitted and are waiting to be loaded.

Of course there have been some glitches. Thanks to DHL our new paddles travelled twice between Czech Republic and London. However, we have them now, and I have to admit I’ve been very impressed when I tried them last Tuesday for the first time.

Getting a tent was even more stressful, again it needed two attempts to have the correct one and what more, we had to do some DIY extention of one of the poles. It had two short ones and one long instead of two long ones and one short. It is sorted, now.

We also have new Spot connect and are learning how to use it. So soon there should be new link in the menu to our position.

Now to the important stuff.

We have a leaving party on Saturday evening starting at 6pm. Also some people expressed their interest to join us on the water on Sunday. We are glad people want to show us their support. Only we would like to remind everybody that we are leaving at 10am sharp and it is fundraising event.  So if you want to show your support don’t forget do bring loads of cash with you.

Something about Joshua

Joshua just finished his two week session at Bobath centre.

Here is short short summary from Tara.

2 Week Block is Complete!

I think we are all pleased that the block of treatment is finished.  No more back and forth to Finchley, no more organising who is picking kids up, no more exhaustion for Josh.  But, now the work starts.  They have given us the tools now we must use them.

Some of the things we worked on

Dressing and Undressing

By doing this in a seated position it will encourage Joshua to be more aware of his body and help to straighten his arms.

Supported Sitting

New techniques to help with sitting positions, this will help his head and trunk control. The first picture shows Joshua sitting with a leg bent, this helps him to reduce the tightness in his arms and legs.

Drinking from an open cup

We were shown how to give Josh additional support around his jaw to help him bring his lips together.

Communication and Play

We were shown different ways of using Joshua’s step by step switch for play.  We are encouraging more sounds, like m, b, and p and we are already being rewarded with more consistent responses.

We also looked at seating, standing and reclining.

The two weeks were incredibly hard work for Josh.  By part way through week 2 he was exhausted.  He did persevere and did so well, he continued to keep becoming active in the play sessions.  He has been using muscles that he hasn’t before, he is fighting against gravity and still he has a smile.  We are so proud of him.


Help us to give him another session through our donate page.


“Is failing to plan really planning to fail? Or is it just true adventure……” this is a quote I borrowed from our fellow circumnavigators of this year, the Midlife kayak team. But then one evening when I had nothing better to do, I found this

on, another fellow circumnavigator and from London, too. Now, it got me thinking. Is it still ok that I only looked in the map while studying the Cape Wrath area to find out if it is worth to stop there on our way? I read the menu in the Ozone café, and it sounds like we could do this.

And then I came across this

Impressive that someone plans it so in advance, but probably a norm. I like their daily schedule. Michal and I usually take between 1.5 and 3 hours to get ready on multiple day trips. But it got me worried. I have not planned for hot chocolate in our food bag. I would have to rethink the whole idea again.

The whole of Tower Hamlets must know about it by now

The last article is out in the last of our local papers. It is fascinating to see that all journalist liked the same photos. Fortunately we had so many versions of them. They all did their research well. Only our surnames kept confusing them. Where some coped by putting down Michal Madera and Natalie Maderova, others shortened my name to Madera (male version), while the most adventurous ones made Michal to be a girl by calling him Maderova. Well, he would have to live with it.

Moving, phase one

Plan was simple, we had a whole week to go through our flat and pack things we or the new tenant won’t need while we are away. But as always, we were too busy with work, so most things had to be done on Saturday. Another early morning start. The move itself was easier that expected with help from Alastair and Karel. Thank you.

Now half of our stuff occupies Eamonn’s spare bathroom.  We were quite surprised with the variety of things we found in our flat, alongside ordinary objects like clothing and framed pictures, we moved 2 pairs of skies, 2 bouldering mats, 360 meters of climbing ropes, 28 shot glasses, and Natalie’s Grandmother’s tea set.

Move Phase Two is scheduled for the last Thursday in March, two days before we go. Thank you, Eamonn.


and another article is out. This Sunday it is going to be four weeks before we are gone. All these articles and promotion are not to make ourselves to feel good but to increase awareness about our trip. In the end, it’s a fundraising event as well as overcoming personal challenges.

So, please, help, go to the donate page and don’t worry, it only takes what you are willing to give. Think about the effort we already invested in it since October and if you are our fan, show us.

Ok, we are not sailing, but try to explain that to journalists. At least we managed to establish the canoeing versus kayaking business.