ready for the party?


Now we have only three days left so everyone is asking if we are ready.

I have to say, it would be great to have one more week but all major things are under control. Thanks to Natalie’s hard work our flat is nearly empty and clean as a baby.  Our boats have new Kevlar keelstrips fitted and are waiting to be loaded.

Of course there have been some glitches. Thanks to DHL our new paddles travelled twice between Czech Republic and London. However, we have them now, and I have to admit I’ve been very impressed when I tried them last Tuesday for the first time.

Getting a tent was even more stressful, again it needed two attempts to have the correct one and what more, we had to do some DIY extention of one of the poles. It had two short ones and one long instead of two long ones and one short. It is sorted, now.

We also have new Spot connect and are learning how to use it. So soon there should be new link in the menu to our position.

Now to the important stuff.

We have a leaving party on Saturday evening starting at 6pm. Also some people expressed their interest to join us on the water on Sunday. We are glad people want to show us their support. Only we would like to remind everybody that we are leaving at 10am sharp and it is fundraising event.  So if you want to show your support don’t forget do bring loads of cash with you.

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