Day Four

We left the safety and at times boredome of flat water paddling in the Thames estuary and reached the sea. Today we started at my eastcoast favourite Botany Bay. Camping is not allowed there, but if you have two weird, heavy looking boats, the locals are very friendly. It’s my first day paddling in my new dry suit. The bear (thermals) that comes with it did not look female pee friendly, so I decided to wear my normal thin paddling stuff I had for the last three days. Unfortunately the air is more chilly than we thought and we end up stopping in Broadstairs. Now the bear is back on, hot coffee and bacon sandwich in and hopefully I will warm up in the end. And one more thing, getting out of the boat I did an “Alastair”, first time ever.



2 responses

  1. Glad you are meeting some friendly people and hope that continues. Keep warm over the coming weekend. I’ll be in Jersey but will be thinking of you both whilst I’m on the water. LOL

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