On the way to Brighton

Yesterday was very eventfull day. The morning was beautifuly sunny and we set off from Dymchurch towards Dugeness against the tide. We enjoyed the satisfaction of rounding the second corner of the six and continued towards Rye bay. Not for long, shooting sounds, red flag and later a patrol boat made it clear to us that it won’t be straightfoward. And so we were diverted towards France in order to stay out of the danger zone. We made it to Wichelsea beach where the tides run miles. It took us two hours to get the boats on shore. During this our wheels and essential piece of our equipment broke without them we won’t be able to get the boats in and out of the water. They are fixed a bit now, but do not have a long life ahead. We will somehow have to sort it out !


2 responses

  1. hey guys do not worry about the firing ranges by law as a genuine travellers u have got right of passage. you can request free pasage through any firing range just call them up there is so many around uk that u would not get anywhere if u waited for the army to stop shooting. just let them know u are coming.they must let u go through. and u do not need to go around some of them are just 2 miles into se but othar one can be 11 miles to sea .

  2. Hi …… You are making good progress even with your difficulties that occur. i hope you sort out your wheels for bringing your boats to shore.

    received your postcard ,,,, I hope Michal got his bread!

    Take care ….. A

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