We had a late start this morning as we knew that both tide and wind are against us together  with swell.  We got to the beach at about 11am to launch. I went first and ended up swimming. My second attempt was successful and we both started to paddle at about noon. Soon we realised that the wind was too strong and our progress in the last half hour counted 500 metres. We decided to go back, which took us 2 minutes to Reach the launching spot again. The decision was made with the view that we would make 10 km today but would be absolutely shattered, while tomorrow the conditions should be better and we should make better progress.

The landing was straightforward and successful for both without swimming.

So back in Brighton we are.

7 responses

  1. Sorry we missed you!

    We spent the long weekend down in Sussex (nearest beach Littlehampton) and had been tracking your progress hoping to offer you some Easter eggs as you passed though I did stand on the beach in Worthing on Sunday morning and think you would have a hard time slogging into the cold westerly!

    Anyway, great progress so far.

  2. Ahoj,
    mrzi me, ze vse nevychazi podle predpokladu, hlavne to pocasi. Tady to taky je takove divne, jeden den sviti slunicko a druhy den prsi.
    JAk jste to vyresili s tim koleckem, teda doufam, ze jsem to dobre pochopila, ze se vam zlomilo kolecko pomoci, ktereho tahate kajaky na plaz?

    Tak ted uz snad mate smulu za sebou a vse bude OK.


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