Harry’s to Harry’s

We left Bournemouth and decided to cross straight to Old Harry Rocks. On the way we met the fast ferry from Jersey.
I like Old Harry Rocks. In our early kayaking days we came here on a day trip with an instructor. We went from Studland Bay, had lunch in Ballard’s Bay and went back. I thought it was the best place ever. Well, one of many. But I still think that paddle around Old Harry Rocks is one of “the best paddles in the world”.
I liked it yesterday even though I wasn’t alowed to go through the gaps with my heavy loaded boat as Michal claimed there wasn’t enough water. But he doesn’t like it there much.

Photos will follow

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      • Thanks jp, good to see from Mark’s excellent photos that Natalie and Michal look to be in good spirits. And one can’t get more useful advice about local conditions than from Mark.

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