Dry suit

Originally I wasn’t thinking about using dry suit since I do not like its tightness around the neck. Talking to Dave Felton while he fitted us with kayaks persuaded me to get one brand new dry suit, too. I choose one from Thyphoon since they do a great size called SRelax aimed at short nicely curved women. Bio-seal sorted the problem with the neck. The dry suit arrived with thermals, so my joy at having paddling clothes sorted was enormous.

Not for long. Bellow is a clip of what happened with the thermals.

I sorted that by leaving them behind and buying new thermal trousers.

Then, a week later the dry suit had its say, too. Look what happened with my neck seal. It is true it was trimmed a bit to make it less tight, but very carefully to avoid such events. It was only used for eleven paddling days.

Fortunately it ripped now and here, close to Portland where the company called O’Three agreed to fix it as soon as possible. So should be ready for Thursday afternoon.



One response

  1. Did You use scissors to trim the neck seal?
    Good luck over the next few months, I know how tiring it is mentally and physically paddling for so long day after day.

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