The story of the dry suit continues

This morning was a happy morning for all. Michal was happy that we’re paddling again, I was happy that my dry suit was back with new neck seal, and the dry suit was probably happy, too, for being with us and not in some strangers’ work shop.
Jean-Pierre contacted Typhoon on my behalf and they offered to replace the old dry suit with a new one. They would have one ready for Monday. Unfortunately they insisted on direct swap, something I am unable to do as we need to go when we can and at the moment I live in the dry suit.
And so we said good bye to Ian and Barbara and left our temporary home in Burton Bradstock. In Lime Regis on the 11th day of wearing the dry suit I discovered a hole in it. The stitches in the top material on my knee are coming loose. It is probably that not enough material was secured in the stitching.
What to say? I hope Typhoon understands my situation and would be able to send replacement to someone who will then meet us. Let’s hope nothing else would go wrong with it, it’s still cold for non drysuit, especially if you paddle almost daily.



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