Scary Numbers

This morning we got ready to paddle as it did not look bad despite the forecast. We checked that at 7am, XCWeather said 3 to 4 and 5 later. The sea didn’t look too bad either. After breakfast when we were ready in our drysuit we looked at the sea and it looked stormy. Our sheltered beach got big dumping waves and the sea outside was full of white horses, the wind also increased. We checked Met Inshore which said 6 to gale 8, cyclonic. And so we decided to stay.
We attached the tent and boat to the concrete as much as we could and went for  a walk. We may be ok to stay there for now, but may have to leave soon.
It was a difficult decision to make. We don’t know if it was good or bad decision. It is easier to recognise bad decision rather than the good one. The wind and sea don’t look too bad now, but who knows what’s coming later and what’s around the headland.



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  1. sounds like you made the right decision! weather not good down in portsmouth either. wondering if sprucie will let me get out of training to night:>) keep safe and keep warm x

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