Never ending Lyme Bay

Our progress is slow due to the strong headwinds which have been keeping us company for the last two weeks. On the other hand we have time to explore new and live through lots of little stories. Here is one from Oddicombe Beach.
We were aware that the spot for pitching out tent there wasn’t brilliant but needs  must be and since it was a horrible cold windy day we thought no one would mind. No one did except the council. As reported by the kind people from Oddicombe Cable Car they were around our tent a few times (we left for a walk and shopping), and were not very happy.
When we came back this time we found a note in our tent. The note is below. There was nothing we could do, we had to disobey and stay till the morning when we could leave. Fortunately, Torbay council was good to us and no one came to remove us that night.

That day we had a nice paddle along the coast exploring the cliffs and enjoying the sea, till after lunch. Once we set off to cross the Start Bay the wind picked up and started to push us towards the open sea. We crossed all right but all our plans to go around the Start Point vanished. By the time we got to Hallsands it was almost too late with the tide turning. And so we stayed.

We pitched our tent high on the beach. Once we settled down we could see the locals moving their boats higher up, we were wondering what does it mean. We got a signal walking up the hill and found out about the gale 8 or 9 coming. We decided that till high tide we should be fine.
The storm came during the night and considering Michal hates rain he very bravely went out to fix the tent better. It was blowing easterly right on us. We survived but got up early to move before the sea comes to knock on our door. Sure it came a bit later.

Once settled down again, after breakfast and tea we went to see the Start Point. We discovered the old village of Hallsands at the bottom of the cliffs. One day in January 1917 during a storm the whole village but two houses were taken by the sea. This all due to dredging of the shingle bank which was located offshore from Hallsands to build new port in Plymouth. Although the villagers were protesting against the dredging it was carried out till 1902.
On our walk to Start Point we discovered a forest and had a peak at the sea, it was rough around there and the wind strong, we were right to stay.






5 responses

  1. That letter is hilarious. I bet writing it was the most exciting thing the Torbay Council Beaches Department Resort Officer has done all year.

  2. It’s funny they didn’t pass any comment about the “kayaks being parked illegally”. Perhaps they didn’t put two and two together…….

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