On Friday we were leaving Hallsands, we couldn’t start to paddle till 1pm as we had to wait till the tide turns the right way for us. While we were enjoying the sunand the leisury packing we saw a kayaker going towards Beesand. Quite unusual sight as we have not seen many so far. We saw him agawhence afloat, but he was paddling backfrom Beesands and disappearing fast in the distance.

However later, just past Start Point by Lanacombe Bay we met him again and exchanged few words, and although he said he would paddle with us for and chat. Nice idea but he had Rockpool Taran, yellow and green, very nice), wing paddles and great paddling style so he disappeared again in no time. No chat then. Fortunately he waited again after Prowley Point and suggested where to meet for lunch.

And so we did. During lunch we exchanged formalities and paddling plans and found out that he was Nick Arding from Around Britain 4 Britain, and planning to do it next year.




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