The weather is non-paddling again, for two days at least. Knowing that we decided it was time to leave Devon and move to Cornwall, anyway Michal wanted to be there last week already and I wanted to there by 29th at least. But you have seen our progress in the last two weeks and it didn’t look like it.

Till this two day window appeared. We took a chance; being only able to paddle for half a day on Friday, we decided on long day for the next day. We got up at 4 in the morning and left just after 6 am, yes we can do 2 hours if we don’t unpack fully and cook something quick for breakfast. I like this early morning paddles, everything was clam and passing Plymouth was uneventful. After short stop we crossed the White Sands Bay, when we were crossing the St Austell Bay the predicted wind picked up already and we had good following sea.

At Dodman Point we were thinking of stopping in Veyran Bay, but the lack of amenities there and the idea of going to cheer Midlifekayak on their leaving next day (we didn’t know at that time that they postponed) made us to stretch it to Portscatho. Ok it was our 14th hour and the last one was the hardest one, we realised how cold we were, when the water started to feel warm. But we made it and I even enjoyed the landing in the little surf wave.

We pitched by the BBQ. It’s only in the early morning when the wind and rain really picked up, we started to make enquiries about the weather and Midlifekayak whereabouts. Both JP and Barbara send messages to their website and just when we were ready to leave for the village, Andy came to see us.

And so the story of social paddle around UK continues, we just had great breakfast and were offered a bed for the night.


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  1. Good stuff. You are looking more weather beaten than when we saw you. We got stuck at Portscatho in awful weather. Its nice there when it is sunny!

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