” … and we will find you…”

We received a message from Barbara and Ian:”We have your dry suits, John is bringing you bag of goodies, we will find you during the weekend.”
This is something that made me realise how important it is knowing that there are people who are looking out for us, who think about us and support us. Doing this trip without having family in the country and hence not reliable support can be hard at times. But people like Barbara and Ian, John, Howard, Jason, Mark and Sherril, Alastair, Jean-Pierre , Andy – Midlife are supplying this. They don’t ask what we need or want, they don’t wait, they are there, thinking about us and doing stuff we realised we needed once it was done. Thank you.
There are also many people who there and now send us messages of support via the blog or text message or email, this also makes us feel that we are not alone. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy being here, doing what we do, we already know that we would do it again, but I am glad we have such great people around.
I will send some donation to the young people at Shadwell and Josh saying that there will always be someone who will believe in and support what you’re doing, you may just be a bit surprised who it is.

As for events of the day today. We went through our first tide race in our Tideraces around Dinas Head. And we were also reunited with our long lost companion, the headwind, so our progress slowed down again.

We were met by a photographer on a beach this morning, so famous we are!

And once again, we now both have one new and one repaired dry suit, so dry happy days, see how long for.


To end the day, we met a man with a four by four, who reminded me of a game keeper from Roal Dahl, who made us move from his side of the beach to his neighbour’s side of the beach.

3 responses

  1. Wow awesome progress you guys! We’re coming down to St Agnes tomorrow and I was going to offer to pick up shopping but you’re well past there already. I had a great crossing to Lundy and back yesterday from Hartland Point – thought of you during the day. Keep in touch! All the best, Nick Arding

  2. It sounds as if you are having one fantastic adventure….despite the unkind weather at the end of last month. I am disheartened and embarrassed to hear of some of the ‘unfriendly’ encounters you have had with some local people. Too wrapped up in their own lives and blinkered by it. I’m sure the support of all the others that you have mentioned above has made up for it and paled it into insignificance. Happy paddling!!

  3. Hi Guys,

    we’ve both been watching your progress every day – you are putting in some great days paddling, keep t up.

    We’ve just paddled to the Isle of Wight today -small in comparison but a first for Sherril.

    Mark & Sherril

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