Coastal navigation

Yesterday morning was hard. I think our bodies are feeling a bit weary after so many days out and about. We were actually thinking about rest day. Suddenly the getting the boats far to the sea, getting all the stuff there, pack it all in and then drag the heavy boats again to the water just felt too much.
But things happen, and then there were four surfers with no waves who kindly donated their muscles and carried both our fully loaded boats to the shore.


It was absolutely great and we got so much energy from that that we then just paddled and paddled till evening.
Before saying where, I have to mention that we met with Portland Club, and then set of on our paddle.

We chose the distant headland and went for it. During the journey we were wandering where we were. Michal said it felt like being on the plane guessing which town was which. We we heading to Bostcastle and Crackling Haven. But kind of thought we passed Bute, just didn’t dare to share this idea together in case we haven’t. And so when we landed and asked people on the shore where we were, we were greatly surprised to be in Duckpool.
Nice place this Duckpool, and good people, too. The four young fishermen helped us to carry our boats up on the shore. In the morning when we were struggling with them back down the bouldery beach another man came to help. Which was great since my knees decided to hurt like hell today. And once we finished packing another person came, had a chat and helped to carry our now heavy loaded boats to the water.


All this was absolutely amazing, I was very worried before the trip how we will manage that. Sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes the energy is just not there. Although we got stronger and can now move heavy loaded boat 10 metres at a time instead of 5. So all good.

The paddle so far today was fine, I enjoyed the rouged coast to Hartley Quay. We are now thinking about Lundy, we can see it very nicely and are waiting for the tide to run the way Michal wants.

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  1. Hi guys, Your blog updates are fantastic – I ‘follow your blog’ so get an email everytime you post. You are making such great progress and its great to be able to keep track of where you are. Thanks for all the images of your boats. I am going to write another little blog post on the Tiderace Social blog, so your onwards progress can be followed by more people. You’ve certainly had some weather to contend with. Best of luck for coming days and kms. Alice

  2. I’m following your travels with interest. Travelling round britain is something I’ve always dreamt of, I’m just not brave enough.

    Keep going you are making fantastic progress.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking that yesterday, too. But they seem to be used to them now and are generating great incom from them:-)

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