This morning we woke up at 4 am ready to check the weather for one more time, have a quick breakfast, pack our tent, go to the harbour and paddle north. So we switched our phones on and were waving them above our heads for a good 15 minutes to get both, Metoffice and XCWeather forecast. Then we started to think again. It was not very good but it was not too bad either.
What shall we do? They predicted some wind F4,5,6, some rain and some fog. Nothing too bad if taken one at the time, but it was a combination we did not like. Also forecast for the next two days was even worst. So should we be brave it and go otis it stupid to go? Or is it better to be safe and stay or are we just too soft? Are we risking to loose a grip with our circumnavigation deciding to stay, risking being stuck here or are we risking to get to trouble with the same consequences by deciding to go?
We knew we should have gone yesterday but since we are only human, we really needed the day off.
So in the end we decided to ignore forecast for the next day or two as it would not make today’s paddle any easier and made up our minds.

We are going nowhere today.

Are we brave to decide to stay safe? Or just too soft? Or stupid to loose so many days?
That’s something we may never find out.

Decision is made, now it’s time to wait and look forward for next weather window.



11 responses

  1. You must put your safety first ! you can always catch up with your schedule when the weather improves as you have done before.

  2. Safety is first & the sensible decision given the forecasts you have, and the distance involved. We agree with jpt !

  3. Without being there and without being a sea kayaker, I’d say absolutely the right decision. I know the dilemma of whether to go or not go out on the sea and expect to face a few decisions like that soon. I’ve been following your blog as I’ve also had a dream of setting out from home in a small boat and keeping going around Britain until I return. In my case it is a sailing canoe and there will also be a blog. I anticipate going anticlockwise, setting out from the Solent – so I hope our paths may cross on the way round. Meanwhile, best wishes and enjoy being on Lundy.

  4. Better be safe guys, you’ve got a long way to go yet so get a good rest, there must be some good weather coming after all this … 🙂

  5. you know that if in doubt the right decision is to stay put, particularly when there are puffins to be viewed – they are almost as good as penguins. I just hope that the stay on Lundy isn’t going to break the bank as in the rain you may need to hire a fair few towels!

  6. You could always paddle around Lundy if you get restless!

    When there’s any degree of commitment or consequences, if the outlook is even slightly potentially dodgy, then definitely err on the side of caution. Weather forecasts are usually right, but the timing is often out. And if the bad stuff comes sooner than expected…..

  7. You know you have made the correct decision. A few days enjoying Lundy, having a good rest and some time out will do you no harm. The weather will settle and you will be on your way in a couple of days. The circumnavigation is there to be an enjoyed and you have a lot of fabulous paddling ahead of you. So you are not soft and you are not losing a grip on your Circumnavigation. Enjoy the rest and be ready to go when conditions allow you to.

  8. its good following your blog, your progress, and shared open dilemmas/decisions. Totally agree with comments above … make the most of the rest time you have, its a stunning island even in the wind a rain … when your weather window arrives you can hit it hard …

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