Gone with the wind

The farmer, his name is Andrew, was true to his word and came in the morning with his daughter, Saffron, and brought us coffee. We had a chat and the he took us to local shop. He was also offering showers. But just having left Lundy campsite we didn’t want to become spoilt. He also offered teas and charging stuff but we politely declined all. Then he mentioned wi fi and got our attention. We then spent the rest of the morning in his kitchen.
Saffron draw a cool picture for us, which is bellow.

Then it was time when the tide turned in our direction and time for us to go paddling again. Unfortunately the wind beat us yet again. It was solid F6 against which we stood no chance. The target of our today’s journey got shorter and shorter till we ended in Barafundle Bay, whole 2,5nm from Freshwater East. Hopefully when we reach Scotland we will be able to fight more and longer.

3 responses

  1. If you had to get forced to stop early, Barafundle was a good spot to succumb. Has been voted as one of the top 12 best beaches in the world, and the best beach in the UK. After Barafundle and Broadhaven it gets a bit awkward to beach until Freshwater West. Good mackerel fishing all along there if you fancy a free feast.

  2. Natalie and Michal, I have been following your posts and I think you two are truly inspirational. I am a novice sea kayaker and would love to meet you both and paddle with you when you get back! In the meantime, I look forward to your posts and follow your journey. 🙂

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