Barafundle Bay

Being beaten by the wind yet again we became land bound on Barafundle Beach for few days.

Failing to make it through firing range on Sunday meant that on Monday we could not go, even if it looked that the wind decreased to F5, which we can do for short distances.

In the end it was exactly as we were assured by few friends, not bad place at all. The beach is lovely and quiet. The cliffs are stunning even from the land.

We discovered some Lilly ponds, few local establishments and so far no one seemed to mind.

Hopefully tomorrow early morning the combination of wind, tide direction, non firing will allow us to make a move.


7 responses

  1. the next section of coast is also one of my favourite, stunning scenery, loads of birds and an exciting feel to it, enjoy!

  2. Hi Natalie and Michal, beautiful photos. We hope to see the bay tomorrow. Firing ranges and wind have held us back too but looks like we’ll all be on the move tomorrow. Have a good safe paddle!
    Andy, Mike and Geoff

  3. Sorry you are still beach bound. But if its any consolation only Martin in SW Scotland was on the move today. John Willacy, Joe, and Midlife were all blown off the water today. (+ firing range probs for Midlife).Tomorrow will be better.

  4. Glad you are seeing some beautiful places. I know some of the others are going for a record but personally I would prefer to take time “to stand and stare” and savour every second of your wonderful adventure

  5. Ahoj z Jindřichova Hradce, sledujeme jak pokračuje vaše dobrodružná cesta na kajacích Tiderace kolem Británie. Převažující jihozápádní větry vám brzo budou vát do zad a usnadní pádlování. John se vám ozve, až se 22.května vrátí do UK.

    Michale, chceš-li si prohlédnout pěkné fotky fotogenického Jindřichova Hradce, doporučuji

    Best wishes and keep safe,
    John a Dáša

    • Ahoj,

      Moc ďekujeme za dobroty, které nám John dovezl. Klobásky zmizely druhý den ráno, salám ná m vydržel dva týdny. Polévky sice nebyly naše české, ale je vidět, že John v´, co chutná našim jazýčkům, chleba byl výborný.

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