Not the best time to use the bottle

We had great time at Steve’s, the armchairs were comfy, but there is always time when the good things have to finish. Steve went to work and yes,we would feel a bit guilty if he founds sitting still there, so paddling we went.
The forecast was for F4 to 6, headwind of course and moderate sea. We had not expectations and therefore it wasn’t too bad in the end. Besides the back up plan was straight forward, we knew where Steve lives.
We paddled all right, although Michal had three cold splashes and kept complaining about it.
Enjoy the video. We did feel a bit sick while watching it.


2 responses

  1. “…We did feel a bit sick while watching it.” – and so did the manager of a small Kavarna in Prague 1 where we viewed your clip on his laptop! as I was keen to catch up with your progress. He was impressed to learn what fellow Czechs were doing, and why.

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