On the map Cardigan Bay didn’t look that big. At one point Michal was toying with the idea of crossing it from Strumble Head. But the enormity of the firing range and the distance, about 45NM, changed his mind. We liked our time at Steve’s, even more when he came to New Quay the following morning with his friends to help us to get the boats to the water.


And so we went on and on. What made it so long for us was the fact that it all had just one name, Cardigan Bay. The last crossing didn’t help either, it looked fairly small on the map, it was just a corner of a bay, but it was long, slow and tiring.


On the other hand we had some great glimpses of the wild life.







And food wasn’t bad either, good we have to go to public houses to check their WiFi.


Today we were slow to start, not till two hours before the end of the morning tide. This put us in front of a decision, paddle through Brandsey Sound and then struggle against the tide as far as we were able to. Or stay somewhere close to the headland and catch the early morning one tomorrow. We choose the second option, as we are not Martin king.
This gave Michal the opportunity to shorten his beard and hair, so he can see and be seen again!


And I could indulge in some basic domestic chores.


4 responses

  1. Brilliant to see your progress you two! Sound like you are enjoying yourselves as well! No doubt you’ll get a bit of a reception in North Wales and then you have the excitement of Scotland to follow! Keep smiling!
    All the best,

    • Hi Nick,

      Good to hear for you. Does it look like we are enjoying it? Good. We are, although sometimes it is hard and painfully but so far we did not say: Let’s go back home. Besides, I just remembered, we don’t have that one,it’s rented out, so we just have to keep paddling anyway.
      Hope we see you soon, when are you in Scotland?

    • Hi Gavin,
      I am sorry. Hear it was not working, we received a donation yesterday so it must be working at some point. Please, persevere. Thank you for your message, these get us going, especially when a heavy boat is to be carried for miles or we are aching during long day paddling.

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