This morning we had to go past Belfast, the only place we could identify easily without a map. We left our camping spot in sunshine which didn’t last long, soon the sky became cloudy and fog came just as we approached Belfast Loch and its busy shipping lane. We didn’t feel very comfortable, however it wasn’t too bad in the end and we could see all ships early enough.


Soon after we reached cliffs on the other side of the loch. The area here is called Gobbins, and before the first world war was very popular tourist destination. In 1902 the Railway Company built a walkway, a narrow path which served tourist till 1962. When they built it they said: “new cliff path along the Gobbins, with its ravines, bore caves, natural aquariums …. has no parallel in Europe as a marine walk”. It looks pretty amazing and we spent some time to explore it closely. It follows the cliffs for long way.


Rest of the day we just continued north till we reached village big enough to have a pub and called it a day.

2 responses

  1. Ahoj,
    nevis proc me vubec neprekvapilo, ze kdyz jsou nekde skaly na ktere je mozne vylezt, ze na ne vylezete?
    Hodne sil do dalsiho padlovani a priznive proudy.


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