As some of you who follow our progress closely may notice our paddling speed lately varied although we have had good conditions. There are various reasons for it. Firstly we were following tides in sounds between islands, also there were places where we had to stop. Sometimes it’s impossible to deny an invitation. And most importantly we are getting ready for the north. It looks like an important milestone so we want to be ready for it, physically, mentally and most importantly we had to collect treats sent by friends and family.


So here we are at Glenuig Inn.

We saw some interesting sights along the way: a petrol station on Isle of Mull,


most westerly point of British mainland, Ardnamurchan Point,


a shop at Arisaig Bay


and Steve at Glenuig Inn who speaks fluent Slovak.


Written by Michal

One response

  1. Great meet you at Glenuig – sorry had so little time to chat – have done tweet and Alice RT it. Here is a grid references for some of my favioirate camp sites further north:
    North end loch Torridon at Red Point. Land on beautiful sandy beach 500m west of Eilean Tioram. OS Grid 733 675.
    After rounding Rubha Reidh point and heading for Greenstone Point great camp site in Slaggan Bay OS grid 840 941. Climb up grassy bank to left of stream to pitch.
    Going north to Summer Isles site out on point at Rubh a Mhadaidh- ruaidh. Land on stoney beach in bay OS Grid 983 101. Climb up bank and walk 200m to camp near ruined cottage
    Out at end of point.
    Comercial camp sites at Achmelvich OS Grid 055 252 and Clachatoll 2km north of Achamelvich are good jumping of points to tackle going round Point of Stoer.
    Hope this some help on journey northwards.
    Joshua lucky to have you both as friends and Shadwell Basin as supporters.

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