Living in a big city

Can you imagine what it is like to be a teenager in a big city like London? You have nowhere to play, the playgrounds being for kids up to the age of ten only. You can’t cycle, because of the traffic, and group of teens on bikes on pavement is not popular either. You can’t really play with a ball since it says “No ball games” everywhere. Can’t climb trees, can’t run with your mates, can’t swim, can’t really go freely where you want as parents may be worried, just too much.
What can you do then? Hang around the corner shops, stay inside, watch telly, play computers. Fun? Not really.
I know kids who see summer holidays as the worst time of the year, long days of boredom being stuck at home. Wrong, isn’t is?
You don’t even know how it looks outside the town your parents not having enough money or time to take you.

And then there are places like Shadwell Basin. They try their most to get kids of the streets and try out stuff, cool stuff. Does it sound like a cliche? It’s the reality, just think about it. Why are you paddling, climbing, cycling, walking, camping, etc.? Because it’s cool, change, something to do in a free time, you like it. And aren’t we all lucky we can do this.
Besides it really gets kids off the streets, gives them structure, vision and motivation to work towards goals and to achieve.

What Michal and I are trying to do is to give the young people in Tower Hamlets more opportunities to do these ace things.
We asked Mike and Jan from Shadwell what would the money raised by our journey used for. That’s what they said: “I think we would like to use the money to purchase some stand up paddling boards and paddles to introduce a new activity which I am sure the youngsters would love.”

“We could get 2 boards and paddles for £1300 and six for £3600.”

So let’s do it. Please help us to raise enough money to get them six SUPs.

Thank you


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