We have been in Thurso since Thursday afternoon. The weather forecast has been closely watched. Every evening we decided to leave the next day and every morning we decided not to go. The wind force F5 and 6 is stopping us, Enjoying coffees and cakes.


However in the same time we closely followed John’s blog. He had similar weather to ours and still was making ant 50 miles a day. I guess being closer home helped. We are just very wary of what Pentland Firth may have in store for us.
So today again, being ready to go,we decided to stay. Andrew from London came to see us, yes all the way from London. Wow. Ok, he was on holiday in Scotland, yet still. He brought us lots and lots of cakes and offered a lift to the harbour. But remembering these words from John’s website: “I’d rather be 100% below the ‘in big poo’ line than 1% over it”. We are going to spent another day of sightseeing.


On the other hand the time on land wasn’t wasted, what we thought was broken VHF after serious drying and charging showed to be broken battery only.

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  1. I can understand your reticence to tackle the Pentland Firth on anything other than good weather and conditions. Tuesday looks like being a good day to go – Monday maybe – but Tuesday has a little ridge of high pressure and light variable winds.

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