Pretty Moray Firth

Moray Firth so far has been hard from paddling point of view, but very pretty.


The landscape reminds us of Czech Republic, fields, meadows, hills.


What it has extra, are all these little pittoresque harbours. Only I didn’t know, we would have to visit them all.


On the other hand our paths again made a circle, small but circle. It is interesting how this always happens, sometimes sooner, sometimes it takes few years. This one was a quick one, less than a month.

We ended the day in harbour of Cullen. When we landed, we were ment to just refresh, have lunch and continue the battle with headwind towards the next harbour. Then, Michal saw a sign for hostel.


The wind was strong. The hostel was right next to the harbour. My boat needs little repair. We may still continue past the headland, yet, just in case, we went to check the hostel. So a little advice, if you want to continue paddle into the headwind, don’t go checking hostels.
We are not mad about them, but this one was very pretty. So here we are.


Next thing we did, was to go for walk. Cullen has three magnificent viaducts. They are disused railway, built in 1886 century, because countess Seafield would not allow for the railway to cross grounds of her Cullen House. So great display 19th century engineering.


We walked on top of them, above the village bellow. On the way back we found this sign.


Now, Cullen Skink we had some time ago in Glenuig Inn on west coast. It is memorable as it is the first time we had fish soup. Cullen Skink is made of Finnan Haddock, potato, milk and onion and is really delicious. Well, now we know where it comes from and learnt thing or two about herrings and haddocks and so on. Great the headwind made us to stop here.

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  1. I started following your trip after hearing about it from a friend, Mark Rainsley. I live about an hour’s drive from the Moray Firth/Aberdeenshire coasts (lived about 5 metres from it until recently!) so if you need any supplies picked up and delivered to you I could do it some time over the next few days. Good luck for the continuation of your journey, I’m enjoying reading about it and loving the photos.

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