The spot finder is now working. Therefore, it is time for a new competition Natalie & Michal are now homeward bound and should be back in London in 3 to 4 weeks all being well. Last night they reached Redcar.

They should achieve one of their goal, circumnavigating mainland Britain. To help them to achieve their fundraising goal of £7000 for the two charities ( Joshua’s Journey and Shadwell Basin Outdoor Centre ),please click on the donate button.

You will make a contribution and you can also enter the competition for just £3 for your chance to win a prize (for more details click on the competition button).

Thank you so much to all the people that already contributed to their causes, Natalie & Michal are very grateful for your help.

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  1. Hi guys. sorry. Missed a couple of days following you. And now I find you are whiz zing along and past Whitley bay where my in-laws live. Northumberland is beautiful isn’t it. Where I first maiden voyage in my Scorpio last year. Am watching you more closely now. Am unavailable next week so still hoping if we can get timing right I can paddle with you before the end. And I will sponsor you some more as you complete the journey. Take care and hope you are enjoying final leg of this journey. Don’t worry guys. When you get home I am sure you can start to plan another one. Xxx lol from all the London and South East clubs.

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