Special offer, fundraising match, 72 hours only, help!

We received an offer from one of our supporter. If we can collect up to £200 in donations within 72 hours, he will match that.

I placed the first £20 there, can you help?

Can we make it? From now (24.07 at 10pm) till 27.07 till 10 pm.

One response

  1. Hola, zkuste jeste napsat par radek na ceskou verzi blogu, aby i v Cecham Vam mohli lidi prispet. No, my jsme to s Ottou uz udelali, ale treba by se nasli i dalsi a Vam by to pomohlo 🙂 . Spravny smer a vitr do zad .. cil uz je blizko 🙂 … Zdravi K. 🙂

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