Norfolk – Suffolk

Our first half a day in Norfolk was great. Lots of terns, many oystercatchers. We enjoyed passing the estuaries.




Then it dawned on us. During almost two days we only saw dunes, sandy beach, sandy cliffs or any combination of those three. Besides Norfolk lacked in WiFi, 3G and public toilets. On top of that we had the most expensive coffee so far. £5 for two filter ones in a cafe where they had awfully dirty tablecloths. That was in Caister on Sea.

Great Yarmouth failed to lift our spirits, too.

Finally we reached Lowestoft Ness, the most Easterly point in UK.


With Suffolk the change in coastline came and our spirits did get the lift.


Southwold indeed reminded us of Islington. Sadly we could not stop as we were trying to get the most of tide.


One thing we have discovered is that it is a real lottery win to be a lighthouse keeper on South East coast. The light house is never in the middle of nowhere. You definitely don’t have to worry about water seeping through your cellar. The keepers accommodation also seems bigger than the ones we have seen before, let’s say on west or north coast.




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