119 Days and the circle is drawn

Today we reached the sailing club in Gravesend. This is the place where we spent our first night at the beginning of our circumnavigation.




When our boats were taken up on shore, we realised that we had done this before. It dawned on us, we have finished the circumnavigation of Britain.





However, we have yet to finish the journey. And that will be at Shadwell Basin on Tuesday.



16 responses

  1. Michal, Natalie congratulations and welcome home. A brilliant achievement. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your progress on the blog/Spottracker and look forward to the movie/slideshow version and hearing your first hand account!


  2. Really good to read this honest and open account of how you felt, the concept of goals versus freedom in your daily paddling and the way things worked out for you. Really informative and rather humbling. Thanks

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