Windfighters II

The second part of the day was completely different to the first one. But first food. So we had ice cream and coffee and then lunch. Now lunch was interesting. You go to a pub/amusement arcade, they seem to have only these her around the beach. Then you order from a small menu and then in twenty minutes a guy from next door chippy brings your food. Takeaway containers, sauces, plastic forks, everything. Besides, it was tasty as well.


From then the weather just got worst and worst. At some point we thought we won’t be able to see anything, mainly the big ships and their shipping lane. Then we thought, we won’t be able to go at all, it was storming badly. Oh yeah, and the headwind, but we know that one too well.





In the end, we went, paddled, fought and made it to Gravesend to be already made to stop by safety boat. Hopefully they won’t bother us much during our go past the Olympic zone.




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