The last paddle of the trip

Yesterday we paddled up the Thames to finish the journey.

Firstly we tried to keep up with the bigger guys.


Then we approached the Barrier. Looks like they tried to shut it before we make it through, but we made it.



The cable they were pulling across the river on the day we were leaving and which delayed us by few hours is there as well.


New cranes at Canary Wharf, scary the big buildings are coming closer and closer to us.


They were also painting our bridge on that leaving weekend, not bad looking.


Here, Michal is happy passing our local beach.


We stopped in our local pub for last coffee of the trip since we were a bit early and the police came to check up on us and interview us. That famous we were.



There is a war ship at Greenwich which wasn’t there on our outbound journey.


And then, we were there. Or here? Well, we arrived, landed, boats were taken up the stairs, done.
People from all over Britain came to greet us: JP and Beryl from Islington, Andrew from Hampton/Scotland, Mark from Dorset, Ann from Essex/Herdforshire border and few others who live locally, including the children and young people from Shadwell.


The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting the kit, since later we won’t want to do it. Ann and JP kindly unpacked our boats and helped with washing all and drying. Then it was all about food and later more BBQ food.
Beryl and Sarah made cakes. Last cakes of the journey.



Alastair then took us to his home since ours is being rented out till the end of the month.

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