Home Sweet Home

It was 15th of August yesterday. Normal day, unimportant day in our lives. No one we know has a birthday, we did not marry that day. It’s not a national holiday or special day in our country, the weather was normal without extremes. Yet, this day managed to gain its importance.
Yesterday was the day when we came home. With all of our stuff from the circumnavigation, six IKEA bags, precisely, full of sand as we later discovered.

To complete the information I have to add the places where we stayed:
Alastair’s (our friend) – Blackheath, London
Ania’s (my colleague & friend), main bedroom – Stepney, London
Lucka, Terezka, Filip (Michal’s sister & Family) – Liberec, Czech Republic
My family’s cottage – Frenštát pod Rdhoštěm, Czech Republic
Klara & Otto (our friends) – Opava, Czech Republic
Lucka, Terezka, Filip (Michal’s sister & Family) – Liberec, Czech Republic
Ania’s (my colleague & friend), Ella’s bedroom – Stepney, London

And then we moved home!


Today we’re off on holiday to France.

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