Hi from Cornwall

Natalie writes ” We got bored  being stuck in Devon, so when the weather changed we decided to push for Cornwall in the two days weather window. On Friday we made it to Wembury. We left from there yesterday early at 6 am and paddled for 14 hours, we achieved 45 miles, about 70 km and landed in Porthscato. We decided to come here to cheer the Midlife Kayak up on their departure. We are on the first beach north from Porthscato next to BBQ.”

Jean- Pierre  Email :   jpierre.hsh@gmail.com or leave a comment on the blog with you details.

Update from Natalie

Wednesday 25th April. Just received an update from Natalie & Michal.

Natalie says “ This morning I woke up due to  a big storm, I found a puddle next to my head. I had to put on my wet weather gear and then I started to move everything out of the tent, shifting the kayaks and finally moving the tent just in time before the water came knocking at the entrance of the tent. We are now looking for stones to secure the tent in its new place, all this happened at 7am.

Later on the weather should improve and we should stay dry waiting for the sea to calm down.”

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Thank you very much.