The journey begins

Natalie and Michal’s first day of their circumnavigation of mainland Britain. They departed today from Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre . They are making their way down the Thames with a group of paddlers from THCC. They were encouraged by Joshua Harom’s family and friends.

The whole of Tower Hamlets must know about it by now

The last article is out in the last of our local papers. It is fascinating to see that all journalist liked the same photos. Fortunately we had so many versions of them. They all did their research well. Only our surnames kept confusing them. Where some coped by putting down Michal Madera and Natalie Maderova, others shortened my name to Madera (male version), while the most adventurous ones made Michal to be a girl by calling him Maderova. Well, he would have to live with it.


and another article is out. This Sunday it is going to be four weeks before we are gone. All these articles and promotion are not to make ourselves to feel good but to increase awareness about our trip. In the end, it’s a fundraising event as well as overcoming personal challenges.

So, please, help, go to the donate page and don’t worry, it only takes what you are willing to give. Think about the effort we already invested in it since October and if you are our fan, show us.

Ok, we are not sailing, but try to explain that to journalists. At least we managed to establish the canoeing versus kayaking business.