From Purbeck to South West Coast


Yesterday evening when we were sitting at Kimmeridge and enjoying the evening sun, thinking about where to pitch our tent, Mark Rainsley visited us again. We were also discussing our plans for the following day. The forecast for the following few days promised strong winds and not much paddling for us. The tides to go around Portland were running early morning. There would be firing from the firing range between Kimmeridge and Lulworth cove from 9.30 am to 5pm. This combination of information did not sound good, on top of that we knew that we could get away with only one night at Kimmeridge.

In the end with the help of Mark’s presence the hard and only decisions was made. We would be getting up early, silly o’clock early, and would be paddling forever to get as far as possible to the other side. We had one little help to motivate ourselves. We were offered bed and shower at Burton Bradstock by Barbara and Ian.

And so this morning we woke up at 2.30 finished our precooked breakfast, packed and left at 4.30am, With half the stuff packed already it took us only 2 hours! The paddle was calm, the day broke and everything was peaceful. We crossed straight to the Bill, about 15NM. We got there at about 10 am! Made a short stop and continued towards Chesil Beach making another crossing, landing for a short lunch and continuing in deteriorating conditions to Burton.

Barbara and Ian were waiting on a beach giving us encouragements and then waiting again at the place of landing. Unloading and getting to their house was fast and straightforward. We had paddled for 12 hours.






Thank you, John

We landed at Bournemouth needing to meet Kerri & Andy to get a new camping matt as ours gave up last night.
We walked across the road towards Harry Ramsden and there was a stranger with two cups of hot chocolate asking for our names and then  giving us the drink and then he said that all food is on John Miller.
We still can’t believe the kindness of a total stranger, we ate and are absolutelly amazed by this.


A day of social paddle

We left warm hospitality of Gill, Georgie, Emily and Howard in Hoves and spent one night in our tent, which started to feel a bit abandoned. Last morning and weather forecast promised nice sunny day, which changed just after the first paddle strokes. We made it to Bongor Regis, where we had to take a break and wait for the tide to turn in our favour.
Soon the sunny day changed and a big black cloud made many people leave the beach, we also left, hoping that it won’t follow us over to Selsey. The wind picked up and the rain started. Between storms we met Jason, Andrew and Simon, who were looking for us.
We all paddled together against headwind and rain to be rewarded by beautiful rainbow.
The day finished at Mark’s and Sheryl’s with lovely supper and good chat with friends. Thank you.







Role- playing

Yesterday we finally left Brighton with a good weather forecast, promising a good day. The start was as promised but it all changed soon. It gave us  an opportunity to recreate our own version of ‘ ” Into the Wind”. You can decide who is playing Harry and who’s Jeff.


We had a late start this morning as we knew that both tide and wind are against us together  with swell.  We got to the beach at about 11am to launch. I went first and ended up swimming. My second attempt was successful and we both started to paddle at about noon. Soon we realised that the wind was too strong and our progress in the last half hour counted 500 metres. We decided to go back, which took us 2 minutes to Reach the launching spot again. The decision was made with the view that we would make 10 km today but would be absolutely shattered, while tomorrow the conditions should be better and we should make better progress.

The landing was straightforward and successful for both without swimming.

So back in Brighton we are.


Yesterday we had a long day. We could not see any place to camp once we reached Eastbourne and so we decided to make the most of the last hour of ebbing tide and to go around Beachy Head. Once we made this decision we knew the next suitable place to stop before Seaford would be Cuckmere Haven. We arrived there and landed there at dark. The night and today’s paddle were fairly uneventful. We didn’t have to rush in the morning and cooked last nights super for breakfast. Then continued to Brighton, we had to be there by 5.30pm since we are staying with Howard and Gill. Today is a shower day. Tomorrow we will sort out our wheel and finally do some proper expedition shopping.



On the way to Brighton

Yesterday was very eventfull day. The morning was beautifuly sunny and we set off from Dymchurch towards Dugeness against the tide. We enjoyed the satisfaction of rounding the second corner of the six and continued towards Rye bay. Not for long, shooting sounds, red flag and later a patrol boat made it clear to us that it won’t be straightfoward. And so we were diverted towards France in order to stay out of the danger zone. We made it to Wichelsea beach where the tides run miles. It took us two hours to get the boats on shore. During this our wheels and essential piece of our equipment broke without them we won’t be able to get the boats in and out of the water. They are fixed a bit now, but do not have a long life ahead. We will somehow have to sort it out !