Sponsors are people and companies who have helped us with preparations for the journey.

 Beatrice Tate Special School is Natalie’s employer. We were very pleased with their support and understanding which leaded to an unpaid leave for Natalie.

 Hannah Outdoor Equipment is a Czech company specializing in outdoor gear. They sent us clothes for land and tent and sleeping bags.

 Raab Paddles are Czech company making paddles. They kindly agreed to sponsor us by two paddles.

OverBoard makes cool waterproof bags and cases in all different shapes and sizes designed to keep our gear dry and protected from sand, dirt and dust. They support us by some of their best kit to make our life in the boats and on the beach easier.

Tiderace puts lots of thought and effort in the production of their kayaks. This is why we choose them for our expedition. And we are very happy that they decided to support us by two high performance expedition sea kayaks.

Palm makes some great kayaking gear. They agreed to give us significant discount on their cags.


Franco Ferrero at Pesda Press kindly donated 3 Books for our competitions


Ali and Nick Pearsons are two people who offered us their loft space, but most importantly send us Reeds Almanac 2012 as they thought we would needed. And sure, we do. Thank you

They also agreed to dispatch our postcards and posters to various palces around the country, which we hope will help with spreading of the word and potentially with fund raising.

Alastair turned out to be a great help in our preparations for this journey. He lend us his car to pick up the boats, he helped us to move, is always ready to give us a helping hand.

He kindly met us in the first week of our trip, dropped off his matt in exhcange of our faulty one, pumped our wheels and saved the day when we were cold and tired.

Jean-Pierre became our agent. He not only updates our blog on our behalf but liazes with many people who met us and collects their photos. He also keeps the newspaper updated. When my drysuit got damaged he sorted a replacement with Typhoon.

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