The Causes

One of the aims of our journey is to raise money for two charities.

 Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre is a charity which provides opportunity for children and young people living in a big city to try and regularly participate in outdoor sports such as kayaking and climbing.

We decided to support this charity as the aims of our journey are similar to the aims of Shadwell Basin. It is about empowering young people to set goals and to make decisions regardless of their background. Through facing challenges by actively making decisions and following them through with determination successes can be achieved.

Besides, we all love these activities and it would be shame if others would be denied access to them due to their economic situation.

 Joshua’s Journey is our second cause. Joshua is a young boy who was born brain damaged and has cerebral palsy. Since Natalie works with young people with special needs we are both very aware of how important for development is an early intervention.

Joshua’s treatment at Bobath Centre is very expensive and we would like to help his family to access as many sessions as they can.

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