The Challenge

Many people think that great expeditions and journeys could only be undertaken in places that are far away.

Living by the river Thames inspired us to start to paddle from our home and come back there 3 500 km later. We decided we do not have to look for adventures somewhere else if we have this great opportunity on our doorstep.

And so the idea of circumnavigating the mainland of Great Britain (clockwise) with a starting point at Shadwell in London was born.

We chose Britain as it was our introduction to kayaking.  While paddling here we realised that British sea kayaking holds a distinctive position in the world by combining the tradition in kayaking and the challenging weather conditions. Additionally paddling around Britain is often seen as one of the main dream of any expedition sea kayakers.

We are hoping that our project will attract young people to kayaking and will inspire people living in urban areas to try and continue in other outdoor activities.

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